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Over 40 Years of Instruction

The Carter School of Estimating is much more than an estimating school. We are a life partner to thousands of students who have come before you. Whether it’s a paint estimating class or drywall estimating class that you’re looking for, look no further. When you purchase a class from our estimating school, you purchase peace of mind. You purchase an estimating course that will help you in your estimating career. Your journey doesn’t end after your estimating class is finished, but rather…it begins! And so, our promise to you is that we’re here for you long after your estimating class ends. If you ever have a question about what was covered in class…or are stuck on a particular detail of a job, we’ll help you, free of charge.

What you’ll learn in our estimating class

Plans and Specifications

How to interpret plans and specs

How to discover details that are relevant

How to perform a quality takeoff

How to properly price a job

How to check for bid accuracy


Man Days and Production Rates

How to apply proper production rates

How to figure man days

How to figure overhead and profit

How to figure worker wages and selling prices

How to price odd shaped objects



Office to Field

How to get everyone on the same page

How to time workers on particular tasks

How to adjust based on field feedback

How to know when field supervision is inaccurate



Wins and Losses

How to bid the proper jobs

How to learn if a job isn’t right for you

How to spot errors before your bid is submitted

How to know if you’re winning or losing too many bids

How to utilize and track historical data

What Others Have Said:
“Harry Carter is truly a miracle worker in terms of estimating education. Not only did his school greatly exceed my expectations, it also gave me a much broader understanding of overhead and other business expenses.”
Tyler Boutot - B&B Drywall, Inc.

“Harry Carter is a patient teacher and has the ability to make anyone a great estimator. He taught me that estimating is an art and that one needs to understand that, in order to excel in the field of estimating.”
Dan Gallagher - Shannon Corp.

“I loved Harry’s approach to blueprint reading for painting. His class was informative, educational and enlightening. Harry never rushed and made time for anyone who needed help. I highly recommend this class for everyone.”
Steve Grossman - If Walls Could Talk

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