Carter School of Estimating



“Harry Carter is truly a miracle worker in terms of estimating education. Not only did his school greatly exceed my expectations, but gave me a much broader understanding of overhead and and other business expenses, all in two weeks! I was blown away by his program and even to this day, three years after I completed his course, he is still there for me when I have questions, and I remain a client. I wouldn’t trust anyone else to handle bids when I need backup. His expertise never ceases to amaze me, and he continues to be a great mentor.”

-Tyler Boutot – Vice president B&B Drywall, Inc.


“Just went to a national conference for my franchise and I gave the President of the franchise your info. The course you gave put so many things into focus for me and I believe that all franchisee’s should get a estimating course before they dive into the commercial market. “

Update 2 years 4 months later:  All is well. This has been a great year and we just broke the $1 million dollar barrier this year. Your training gave me the tools that I needed to grow with confidence, I appreciate what you have done for us. You can piece some of this e-mail and add anther testimonial if you want, it’s all true. Are you going to any of the conferences this year, ie. PDCA, if you do let me know maybe I can meet you there and talk face to face finally.

-Cliff Hudson – Fresh Coat Painters, Tracy CA.


“Harry, thank you for your patience! You taught me more in two weeks than I’ve learned in 42 years. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with you and am sending my oldest son to you also. What an eye opener…”

-P Jacobs – Jacobs & Sons


“Thanks to the Harry Carter School of Estimating are up almost 200% due to the speed techniques and training we received from his school. I highly recommend his school for anybody looking to advance themselves in their field of expertise.”

-Bruce K. Royer – Bedford Drywall


“After attending The Carter School of Estimating, I have excelled above and beyond the expectations of myself and all of my co-workers. The reason I was able to learn so much in only two weeks is because of Harry Carter. Harry is a patient teacher and has the ability to make anyone into a great estimator. He taught me that estimating is an art and one needs to understand that in order to excel in the field of estimating. I would highly recommend The Carter School of Estimating to anyone who wants to learn how to estimate. My employer is so impressed with my accomplishments that he is sending another person to The Carter School of Estimating. Thanks again Harry, a mentor and friend.”

-Dan Gallagher – Shannon Corporation


“I recently took a class from Harry Carter in Commercial Drywall Estimating. Harry brings a vast amount of knowledge and experience that he has learned from  his Father and his experiences in the field and in his own Business for years. I learned how to simplify my take-offs, gaining invaluable time in my ability to put out more estimates. Harry was very patient and understanding. Never did he make me feel inferior just because I had been doing it another way. I would highly recommend his School and think it should be a prerequisite for all estimators.”

-Bill Collins – President – C&C Drywall, Inc.


“Over the past 12 months Harry has taught me the fundamentals of estimating and is still doing so. I started off by being just a guy with work experience, but now  I understand how to make better estimates with all the latest software available. If I don’t understand something or need help with estimating, Harry is always just a phone call or an email away. I will strongly recommend that anyone who wants to know more about the fundamentals of estimating, should do it through Carter School of Estimating.”

-Marco Fouche – Netco Drywall Inc – Calgary, Alberta, Canada.


“Due to the patience and training of Harry Carter, we have managed to hire 20 more Employee’s. I have learned to refine and simplify my methods of Estimating and Take-Offs. This allows me to price more accurately and complete more bids. The method harry Carter taught me which is I think is most important is “Surgical Strikes” and this method is responsible for a lot of our Sales. Thank you for everything harry and the 2 week class was a Blast!!”

-Kevin J. Perron – Lead Estimator – Bedford Drywall – Derry, NH


“Thanks again for a great class. I learned more than I could have imagined. In fact, the same day the course was complete I went and looked at a small commercial job for the city electric dept.. As soon as I walked into the building I was already looking at things in a whole new way. I feel completely confident that the estimate that I will submit will be accurate and I will know exactly where my money is being made. It is amazing what a week of instruction can do. I truly appreciate it Harry. I wish I would have taken your course years ago! I will highly recommend you to anyone seeking to improve themselves and their business.”

-Chad Lambrecht – Lambrecht Painting


“I want to Thank You for your outstanding 2 week class. I have to tell you that you have opened my eyes up. I have been in the drywall business for 15 years.  I was one of those guys just throwing numbers and hoping they would stick and praying I would make money. Till NOW !!! You taught me things about estimating that I could never learn myself nor trust anyone to teach me. Your knowledge of bidding drywall, metal framing & acoustic ceilings is going to take my business into another level. I would recommend to anyone that is thinking they know everything to put 2 weeks aside and listen to Harry Carters knowledge and experience. I promise it will be money well spent. Thank You Again.”

-Vince R. Pezzano – Pezzano Contracting & Development, LLC


“I loved Harry’s approach to teaching blueprint reading for painting. His class was informative, educational and enlightening, and he also made it fun. Harry never rushed, and made time for anyone who needed help. I highly recommend Harry’s class for anyone wanting to “up” their “paint game”!”

-Steve Grossman – If Walls Could Talk


“I really enjoyed during the 2 week Drywall estimating class. It was very informative and we covered a lot which I was very impressed by. Thank you again for allowing me to come in and learn.”

-Maz Seifi – Denver, CO